Public Relations Recruiter

Every company must have a public relations (PR) department. Irrespective of what business the company has, it always has PR department(s), because in the end, it is the customer who is the king. It is essential to maintain good relation with the public which is its main revenue area.From the point of view of the company, the job of a PR officer is pretty clear, but what about the people who recruit people in the PR department? What is their job like?Public Relations Recruiter Job DescriptionRemember, here there is no space for a fresher. It is the experienced PR officials who become the PR recruiters. It is thus a hierarchy-based job. The experience of a single company notwithstanding, if you have the experience, you can shift to any firm or company.The pre-requisites of a PR recruiter are:• An extensive experience in public relations.• Excellent track record in the PR department of the company previously worked in.• Excellent linguistic skills – both spoken and written.• Work experience as a team leader and• An excellent negotiator and convincing prowess.The pre-requisites mentioned are to be gained only in the long run and hence the average age for these types of jobs must be quite apparent. If you compare the above mentioned skills-set with that of a PR manager, there isn’t much difference. The main difference as mentioned is in the experience in the work field.Kind of people you need to recruitBelieve it or not, you need to hire people who are similar to you! That is, they must have the aforesaid skills. The PR officials may not be all experienced and sometimes it becomes absolutely essential to hire fresh and young blood. Such a workforce will not only invigorate the job environment, but will also help the public relation of the organization.Public relations recruiter employmentSuch a kind of job is well paid – is mostly ‘performance – based – incentive’. If you can contribute with your experience and enthusiasm, there is no reason that you wouldn’t be promoted lightening fast. The promotion and perks come easier because of the age and the experience with which you join the organization.Big corporate houses are always on the look for better people at this position because they know that when recruiting new people, the company should not pay heavily in the bargain and hence the recruiters need to be great negotiators and people at this positions, usually are.Finding a job in the PR is both easy and difficult. Easy because if you have the zeal, passion and enthusiasm in you, you will rocket past everyone! And if you’re a late learner – remember, there is a long and better queue behind you!

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